Liisi Lembinen, Director of Development (general information, DataCite Eesti Consortium, contracts),
phone: +372 737 5700,
Heiki Epner, Analyst of Digital Collections (technical information for Data centres),
Tiiu Tarkpea, Data librarian (consultations on research data and DataCite services),
phone: +372 737 5729,
Elena Sipria-Mironov, Project Manager (DataCite Eesti web-page, communication management),
phone: +372 737 5750,

University of Tartu Library
W.Struve 1 Tartu 50091
phone:+372 7375 703


Sigrid Ots, Project Coordinator (consultation) phone: +372 5563 8082,
Allan Zirk, Senior Specialist (PlutoF, technical information),

University of Tartu Natural History Museum
Vanemuise 46 Tartu 51014
phone: +372 737 6076

DOIs registered in Estonia

Search for the DOIs registered via DataCite Eesti. The results show the DOIs registered with the ESTDOI prefix.


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