Photo: Andres Tennus/Tartu Ülikool

DataCite Eesti Consortium Members and Contacts:

University of Tartu
Tiiu Tarkpea, Data librarian, phone: +372 737 5729,

Tallinn Technical University
Kai Kalvik, Subject Librarian, phone: +372 620 3554,

Estonian University of Life Sciences
Kersti Laupa, Head of the Library Services Department, phone: +372 731 3495,

Tallinn University
Sigrid Mandre, Academic Library, Head of the Subject Information Department, phone: +372 640 9184,


The University of Tartu is the DataCite member and Allocation Agent for DataCite DOIs in Estonia. The DataCite Eesti Consortium aims to support our users and the Estonian research community in understanding the role of identification and citation in data management and curation. Organisations wishing to become members of DataCite Eesti are welcome to apply. For more on membership, please contact us.




DOIs registered in Estonia

Search for the DOIs registered via DataCite Eesti. The results show the DOIs registered with the ESTDOI prefix.


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